There is no historical tradition of buying ghosts as tangible or physical objects. While ghosts and spirits have been a part of various cultural and spiritual beliefs throughout history, these beliefs generally center around the existence of supernatural beings that exist outside of the material world, rather than objects that can be bought or sold.

However, there have been instances in various cultures and time periods where people have attempted to communicate with or invoke the presence of ghosts through various means, such as seances or rituals. Some of these practices have been associated with the spiritualist movement of the 19th and early 20th centuries, which sought to prove the existence of spirits and the afterlife through demonstrations of mediumship and other paranormal phenomena.

In some cases, there have been individuals or groups who have claimed to be able to sell or transfer the ownership of haunted objects or places, such as houses or items that are said to be inhabited by ghosts. However, these claims are often considered to be fraudulent or based on superstition rather than any tangible evidence or legal ownership rights.

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